Friday 5th June

A very good morning to you, Brainstorms. Hope you are all well! It was nice to see some of you in school yesterday. I hope that as time goes by, you will adjust to the ‘New Normal’ and make the best of the last few weeks of your time at St John’s.

For those staying home, continue to working hard on the tasks on this blog. Don’t forget to read daily and do some exercise.

Here are your tasks to get you through today:

Follow the collective worship programme for the next couple of days

Theme: Every Child To Let Their Light Shine In Order To ‘Glorify Our Father In Heaven.’”

English: By now you should be developing your skills in story writing.

Now it’s time to plan and write your story. Work on it over the weekend. Make it a good one!

Maths: Friday is challenge day!

Here are a series of challenges to test your problem-solving skills. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together!

Design & Technology: When designing a product, whether on paper or digitally using computer aided design (CAD) software, there are several different design skills you can utilise.

Use this link to learn the basics of design skills. Let’s see what you will come up with.