Monday 16th November. Odd Socks Day and the start of Anti Bullying Week!

Today has been a long day for you, Young Minds, however, I know you enjoy working with your tutors on Mondays. We raised some money for charity today and here’s what we enjoyed whiles doing so! Don’t they look ODD to you?

Please watch the videos below!

Thursday 12th November

My dear Young Minds, hope your evening is fruitful! I have uploaded a couple of videos for your weekend watch. I have also shared your book covers. But first, Please share this leaflet again with your parents so you can join in our fundraising by donating any small amount to charity.

Only Ser…. sent a photo of her creeping plants. Well done!

We were inspired by our class book ‘BEOWULF’ and so we decided to write ours. Some of us are in the editing process whiles some are near completion. Let’s admire each other’s book cover! I hope the others will complete theirs soon.

Monday 9th November

Good Evening Young Minds. I have just finished speaking to my last parent about how well you are working in school and your targets for the rest of the term.

Here is a video on percentages of amounts. Happy learning!

Blessed Weekend Young Minds!

You already have a video on fractions, decimals and percentages, but here’s another you can watch to consolidate your learning. Please complete your geography assignment, filling in your blank map with countries and their cities and also some states in the USA you have heard of. We will share and add in some more next week. Go into Splashlearn and google classroom as well. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday 3rd November

Hi Young Minds; hope you got on well this afternoon, with your illustrations for your book!

This week we will be learning how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. Here is a video to start you off. Don’t forget to go on ‘Splashlearn’.

Thursday 22nd October. Half Term Homework.

Half term is here, Young Minds. Well done for working hard this first half of term. You are doing well in trying to catch up on your learning. Please stay positive and resilient; with determination, we will get there. Please complete some work daily to continue closing the gap created by the lockdown. Remember to check on Splashlearn, this blog and MyMaths.

Have some rest as well! Here are a couple of videos to keep you going!

Here’s one about angles in a quadrilaterals.